Dwarf Fortress creator blasts execs behind brutal industry layoffs: ‘They can all eat s***, I think they’re horrible… greedy, greedy people’

You don’t have to worry about Tarn Adams’ millionaire status turning him corporate any time soon. At this year’s GDC, the Dwarf Fortress maker came out swinging against a brutal climate of layoffs, cancellations, and general downsizing across the games industry, declaring that the executives responsible can “all eat shit.” Just in case you needed a reason to like Dwarf Fortress even more.

“Three to four years from now, what are [Dwarf Fortress] sales looking like?” pondered Adams in a chat with PCG, “What kind of decisions do we have to make [with] burn rates and all that stuff?” Considering the possibility of making those hard decisions some day down the line, Tarn wondered if the experience would give him “more empathy for the people that lay people off.

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By asm3a