Google researchers find novel way of turning a single photo of a human into AI-generated video good enough to make you think ‘this might go badly’

Google researchers have found a way to create video versions of humans generated from just a single still image. This enables it to do things like, generate a video of someone speaking from input text, or changing a person’s mouth movements to match an audio track in a different language to the one originally spoken. It also feels like a slippery slope into identity theft and misinformation, but what’s AI if not with a hint of frightening consequences.

The tech itself is rather interesting: it’s called Vlogger by the Google researchers that published the paper. In it the authors (Enric Corona et al) offer up various examples of how the AI takes a single input image of a human—in this case, I believe mostly AI-generated humans—and with an audio file produces both facial and bodily movements for them to match.

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By asm3a