Lego goes all-out on a 3,745 piece D&D set with its own bespoke TTRPG adventure, but it’ll set you back a dragon’s ransom of $360

As announced last year, a D&D and LEGO collab has been in the works for the TTRPG’s 50th anniversary—including a LEGO Ideas set (formerly called Dragon Keep: Journey’s End, now titled A Red Dragon’s Tale), which was devised by a fan designer by the name of Lucas Bolt. 

The set’s going to be a stonking 3,745 pieces, and it’ll arrive with six unique minifigures and some monsters made out of bricks: A displacer beast, a beholder, some myconids, a mimic, and what appears to be a gelatinous cube which is, ah, a little less good than that promo suggested judging by this trailer, but the rest of the cast here is cute as heck. 

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By asm3a