‘Big Wait’s dead’: Dwarf Fortress creators are going to stop disappearing for months to get updates done in a post-Kitfox world

The arc of Dwarf Fortress is long, but it bends towards, well, not having arcs. In a chat with PC Gamer at GDC, Dwarf Fortress creators Tarn and Zach Adams spoke a little about their approach to the game’s meatiest patches in a post-premium edition world. Long story short? More bite-sized updates at a faster tempo. The Big Wait is dead.

Tarn said Dwarf Fortress’ model for updates at this point will be less about “[running] off for 26 months, [seeing] what I can get done.” With new artists helping out for the game’s sound and audio and partners at Kitfox to help with marketing the game, Tarn’s going for something a bit “more orderly.” 

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By asm3a