Broken Roads will now mix Mad Max, Disco Elysium, and Baldur’s Gate in April release date after last year’s out-of-the-blue 5-month delay

Ozzie philoso-RPG Broken Roads is emerging from its state of koala-like hibernation with a new release date. After a lengthy delay, it’ll now arrive on April 10 this year, which so far as I can tell is a date with no relevance to Australia at all apart from being the birthday of lawn bowler Steve “Biscuits” Glasson. So it’s probably to coincide with that.

Once upon a time, Broken Roads was one of our most-anticipated games of 2023, and it was meant to hit on November 14 of that year. That went down the dunny after a last-minute delay that punted it into 2024.

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By asm3a