CPDR wanted to split players ‘in a way that’s almost 50/50’ with Phantom Liberty’s hardest choice, and drew on the toughest decision in Witcher 2 to do it

Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion was great—87% great per PCG’s Ted Litchfield in his Phantom Liberty review—and gruelling. CD Projekt Red is no stranger to tough decisions in its games, but the fork in Phantom Liberty’s road is a truly tough one. And hey, CDPR says that was the whole point, and one that built off the studio’s other great Sophie’s choice moment: Choosing who you’ll side with in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Spoilers ahead for both, naturally.

In a chat with PC Gamer at this year’s GDC, Phantom Liberty’s quest director Paweł Sasko said that Phantom Liberty’s key decision—choosing whether to side with Song So Mi or Reed in one of the expansion’s climactic final missions—was “almost like an initial thought” that the studio then structured the rest of the DLC around. “We kind of work backwards from that. So we knew what choice we want to make, and then we were like asking ourselves, ‘Okay, what is the scene that introduces you before to make sure that’s as hard as possible?'”

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By asm3a