Dungeons & Dragons Lego Set Is Unbelievably Cool

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After weeks of teasing, Lego has finally revealed its huge collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons to celebrate the legendary roleplaying game’s 50th anniversary—and it’s huge in many ways, from piece count to price.

The set, based on a winning design by Lucas “BoltBuilds” Bolt from a community contest done through Lego’s crowdsourced set series Lego Ideas, clocks in at 3,745 pieces, and comes with a modularly designed castle that can be split apart into five smaller vignettes—and a massive Red Dragon, Cinderhowl, to assault the keep with.

The dragon isn’t the only entrant from the Monster Manual on display here—as well as a host of minifigures portraying a litany of D&D races and classes, including an Orc Rogue, a Dragonborn Bard, a Gnome Fighter, an Elf Wizard, and Dwarf Cleric—the set includes multiple buildable creatures for them to battle, from a lowly skeleton and a tiny gelatinous cube, all the way up to an Owlbear, a Displacer Beast, and even a Beholder. If all that wasn’t enough, the set amps the Dungeons & Dragons vibe up even further by including a free downloadable adventure for players to run inspired by the Lego set!

Lego Dungeons and Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale will release April 1 for Lego Insiders, and on April 4 more widely. You better start saving up your gold: it’ll set you back a whopping $360. Click through to see more pictures!

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