Harold Halibut, the stop-motion-style story about life at the bottom of an alien ocean, gets a big new trailer and an April release date

Harold Halibut finally has a release date: Announced today at the Future Games Show, the stop-motion-style story of life in a stranded spaceship at the bottom of an alien ocean will be out on April 16.

Naturally, the news comes alongside a new trailer that reveals more of Harold’s undersea world than we’ve seen previously. That “handcrafted” look is what’s immediately appealing about it (and everything else we’ve seen so far) but what I find more interesting is the way it leans more into the narrative aspect of the game—not with details, but with a vibe: Harold is by all appearances very much a regular guy, but he aspires to more and it looks very much like he’s suddenly been given the opportunity to bring those aspirations to life.

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By asm3a