Path of Exile 2’s developers ended up reworking the entire game’s combat around a new control scheme because of a single class

Development of Path of Exile 2 has been an adventure for Grinding Gear Games, with several major reworks and redesigns happening since the ambitious free-to-play ARPG sequel’s debut at Exilecon in 2019. Its latest big pivot is a literal game-changer. What started out as a gimmick for a single class has become what feels like the primary way to play for every class—an action-oriented control system, controlled like a top-down shooter on WASD and mouse. Or a gamepad, if that’s your jam.

This more action-style control method was technically unveiled last year. It’s the result of an attempt to make the game’s new mercenary class feel like it was lifted from an action game, with an assortment of fantasy crossbows that serves as analogues to classic shooter weapon archetypes like SMGs and shotguns, able to run and gun at the same time. It worked almost too well. So instead of cutting it back, Grinding Gear upgraded every other class to match.

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By asm3a