You can grab the legendary Terraria sword Meowmere in Stardew Valley 1.6, but there’ll be no wall of flesh, probably

Another day, another strange secret found in the crevices of Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update. It’s only been two days since it was released, and so far, we’ve seen killer attacks by a member of the Blue Man Group and drinkable mayo. Now, some dedicated players have managed to break the barrier between games and obtain Terraria’s legendary sword, Meowmerre, thanks to a lot of lava and one Wizard. 

It’s only a small event in the grand scheme of Stardew Valley, but a Reddit user by the name of Sightshade has managed to locate and obtain the legendary sword. It may not look like a deadly weapon, but looks can be deceiving, and this rainbow cat sword is actually a harbinger of death—or, more specifically, cat-shaped rainbow projectiles that meow and relentlessly pummel you into a pulp. 

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By asm3a