Against all odds, World of Warcraft’s subscription price hasn’t changed in 20 years: ‘I’d rather have a big, healthy, happy audience’ than risk driving players away with a price hike, Warcraft boss says

World of Warcraft’s subscription price hasn’t budged in most parts of the world for 20 years. Long before our collective nostalgia birthed WoW Classic, you had to pay Blizzard $15 a month to spend hours auto-attacking wolves in Elwynn Forest. The only difference now is that the wolves are in high-definition.

John Hight, Warcraft’s senior vice president and general manager, spends more time thinking about adding value to the subscription than asking for more money. “As of yesterday, we have three games you can play under the same subscription, which hasn’t changed in price in over 20 years,” he told PC Gamer in an interview at GDC. “Take that, inflation.”

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By asm3a