Arkane founder teases his next project, a ‘retro sci-fi first-person’ game, and now I’m thinking a whole lot about the Prey sequel we never got

Arkane co-founder Raphael Colantonio, who left the studio in 2017 and launched indie developer WolfEye Studios a couple years later, is teasing his next game—and even though it’s just scribbles on a whiteboard, I am already excited.

It’s been a subtle process so far, beginning with an image of Colantonio and his longtime cohort and WolfEye CEO Julien Roby “pitching [a] new game at GDC.”

(Image credit: Raphael Colantonio (Twitter))

Not a whole lot to see there: A building or refinery of some sort, maybe a power plant, situated out in a desert-like locale, with some floating techno-doodads hovering nearby. Also notable in the bottom-left corner of the screen are the words, “Retro sci-fi RPG.”

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By asm3a