Forget your money and identities, hackers are now after your water, according to the White House

There hardly goes a day without news of cyberattacks taking place at banks, tech companies, or government agencies. From targeting the individual to the masses, hackers are getting ever more creative in what they strike at, in order to compromise systems and gain sensitive information. Well, the US White House and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are now warning that public water and sewage systems are the latest points of attack and state administrations are being urged to improve the security of such plants.

The plea for ‘water resilience’ from the White House and EPA (via The Verge) came in the form of an open letter to US state governors and a call to attend a virtual meeting on how best to combat attacks from state-sponsored groups. In the letter, it’s claimed that ‘drinking water and wastewater systems are an attractive target for cyberattacks because they are a lifeline critical infrastructure sector but often lack the resources and technical capacity to adopt rigorous cybersecurity practices.’

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By asm3a