How to get the Medusa Head in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You’d think that decapitating Medusa in Dragon’s Dogma 2 would be a relatively simple process—find snake lady’s head, chop off snake lady’s head—so long as you avoid that whole getting turned to stone thing. But if you’ve already killed Medusa, you were likely surprised that you couldn’t just loot her head, or slice it off after the fact with a simple swing of your sword.

No, getting the Medusa Head is a feat of Monster Hunter-esque complexity as you only have a specific opportunity with which to claim her noggin. Down below I explain the process in-depth, offer some tips for the fight, plus explain how to use the head to petrify stuff. Obviously, there are spoilers for the Medusa in this guide and you should probably stop reading now if you want to learn this stuff yourself.

How to decapitate Medusa

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By asm3a