How to make fruit roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you’re looking for fruit roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s likely you’ve just arrived in the town of Melve and have acquired the Medicament Predicament quest from Flora. In classic RPG fashion, this little girl doesn’t have enough money to pay for the medicine that her family needs, so asks you to get it for her instead.

You can, of course, simply buy the fruit roborant from the apothecary, but it’ll cost you a fair bit of gold—less than ideal when you presumably want to outfit yourself with better equipment first. Luckily, you can find and make fruit roborant yourself, so here’s both the recipe and the locations you can get it to complete the quest.

How to get fruit roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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By asm3a