Industria 2 is ‘a narrative FPS to its core,’ but its first-ever trailer is giving me real Half-Life 2 vibes

Industria is a creepy, surreal FPS set in Cold War-era East Berlin that gave us “serious Half-Life vibes” when it was announced in 2020. At the Future Games Show yesterday, developer Bleakmill unveiled the sequel, Industria 2, and you know what? Yup, serious Half-Life vibes.

It’s far from a direct lift of Valve’s most famous shooter: There’s a more overt horror aspect to Industria 2, at least in this trailer, although that’s not too far removed from Half-Life 2’s famous Ravenholm level. And rather than packing high-end Combine military hardware, the weapons here look more like something you’d be stuck dealing with in, say, Stalker.

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By asm3a