Music streamer that spent years streaming other artists’ work as their own gets convicted of fraud in Denmark

You’re probably aware that the music industry makes a pretty penny or two from music streaming services, though the artists themselves get a fraction of that from each stream. Not so in the case of an unnamed 53-year-old man from Denmark, who’s just been convicted of fraud to the tune of two million Kroner (roughly $290k/$230k), by passing off other people’s music as his own and accruing millions of streams through Spotify, Apple Music, and other services.

The outcome of the trial, as reported by The Guardian, marks a small moment in Danish law, as apparently this is the first time that such a case has ever taken place in that country. Originally, the prosecution were looking to press charges of fraud and copyright abuse for a sum of just over 4.3 million Kroner ($620k/$500k) but the court decided that there was insufficient evidence to confirm exactly how many streams were played or the amount of royalties generated.

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By asm3a