Path of Exile 2’s beta delayed from June ‘until later in the year’

We’ve had plenty of intriguing news about Path of Exile 2 today, like the combat having been reworked around a new control scheme and the announcement it will be sticking to its “ethical free-to-play” model. However, to pour a little ice water on the fire, here’s one bit of not-so-great news: the beta previously announced for June 7 now won’t be happening until late in the year.

Grinding Gear Games announced the news in a tweet that said, “while we think we would be able to get the game’s content ready in time, we underestimated how long it will take to get gameplay polished to a standard we’re happy with. We’re still going to be doing alpha testing in June, but we are going to be delaying the beta until later in the year.”

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By asm3a