PSA: Don’t use the ‘Load from Last Inn Rest’ option in Dragon’s Dogma 2 unless you want to risk permanently losing progress

While playing Dragon’s Dogma 2 I lost around four hours of progress and it’s all because of that pesky little “Load from Last Inn Rest” option in the main menu. You see, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is pretty hardcore when it comes to saves, consequences, and just generally wanting you to bear the brunt of your decisions.

It’s not an RPG where you can really game saves—for the most part you can’t reload an old save to take back something you did Skyrim-style. You can’t even start a new game in Dragon’s Dogma 2 itself, so you’re stuck with whatever ugly beastren mug you chose until you reach the barberie in the capital city of Vernworth—unless you go through an elaborate process deleting your save. 

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By asm3a