PSA: If you’re using a controller like Dragon’s Dogma 2 wants you to, you can turn off ‘sprint’ and ‘interact’ being on the same button for some unholy reason

Dragon’s Dogma 2, generally speaking, would like you to use a controller. As much as my inner PC gamer curmudgeon might bicker with that mandate, it’s 2024—most players are gonna have a gamepad lying around somewhere, unless you’re the kind of wunderkind to tackle Elden Ring with a mouse and keyboard. In which case, I fear your power.

Similar to fighting games, there’s just something about face buttons and shoulderpads that lend themselves nicely to third-person action RPGs, in the same way that a mouse and keyboard is a must-have for first-person shooters. I don’t make the rules. Dragon’s Dogma, however, would also like you to pick up flowers and sprint with the same button, which is a decision I’m far less happy about. 

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By asm3a