Swen Vincke says your Baldur’s Gate 3 crushes ‘now belong to Wizards of the Coast’ as the studio leaves D&D behind, prompting a collective nervous gulp

Baldur’s Gate 3 is done. Finished. Ended. Wound up and concluded save for future fixes and updates. Developer Larian Studios is onto new and strange things that only it knows the nature of. Frankly? I think that’s all good. I’m very eager to see what the studio does next, and I’m happy to keep BG3 as the singular, special thing that it already is.

But there is one question: What on Earth will become of those characters? None of us walked away from BG3 unchanged: We’ve all got some kind of doomed obsession with one of its beautiful cast of crackpots, mavericks and perverts. I like Lae’zel, personally, but it’s my understanding that most of you can’t stop making TikToks about the vampire boy.

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By asm3a