The new Windows update made me think I’d installed malware, but it was just Microsoft’s latest attempt to try and fool me into using Bing

Not for the first time, Microsoft has struck upon a winning formula for irritating the hell out of Windows users: pop-up ads in your browser! The latest Windows update was released several days ago, though I only got around to it today, and after installation inserts pop-up adverts into Google Chrome.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: a little box comes up in the bottom right corner of the browser, advertising the Bing search engine and BingAI. My first thought was that I’d downloaded something malicious, perhaps while fiddling with mods, because the pop-up didn’t exactly look classy, more like the kind of thing you see on suspicious websites. But I set off a quick antivirus scan and googled the issue (in Chrome naturally), and quickly found plenty of folk complaining about the same thing.

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By asm3a