There’s already a Dragon’s Dogma 2 mod to get 99 copies of the ‘change appearance’ item Capcom is selling for real money

I haven’t once thought about my Arisen’s mug ever since I slapped a helmet on his head, but even I’m annoyed that changing your appearance isn’t a god-given right in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Instead, alterations to your character and main pawn come in the form of a book you buy in towns. This book, Art of Metamorphosis, isn’t bought with regular gold, but a rarer currency called “Rift Crystals” acquired by finding Riftstones and sending your pawn out to help other players.

It’s a functional system on its own—I’m sitting on hundreds of RC I’m not using—but Capcom is catching reasonable flak on day one because it’s also selling Rift Crystals and the Art of Metamorphosis tome as DLC. Thankfully, modders have already uploaded a workaround to make character re-creation much easier.

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By asm3a