UK police bust a takeaway worker turned £3 billion bitcoin scam member on a £7.5 million money laundering charge

It’s not every day that you read that a five-year investigation to crack an illegal operation involving billions of pounds worth of bitcoin was solved thanks to the excessive spending habits of an ex-takeaway worker, but that’s exactly what’s recently happened. The person in question has been found guilty of laundering 150 bitcoins, worth a mere £7.5 million, but the UK’s Metropolitan Police ultimately seized a staggering total of 61,000 cryptocoins.

Details of Jian Wen’s conviction (via The Guardian) highlight that she originally lived and worked in a Chinese takeaway restaurant in Leeds, UK, before becoming involved in a complex and large scale cryptocurrency scam, which involved using illegally-gained bitcoins to pay for expensive houses and luxury items.

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By asm3a