‘Is Dave The Diver an indie game? I would say no,’ says game director

Every year—and sometimes multiple times per year—the same gaming debates pop up all over again. Review scores: are they good or bad? Are esports players real athletes? Should difficult games always have easy modes? And don’t forget the interminable yellow paint debate

The definition of “indie game” is one of those recurring discussions, and it came up once around last year’s Game Awards, when Dave the Diver was nominated for ‘Best Independent Game’ alongside games like Dredge and Cocoon. Not everyone was thrilled about that: while Dave The Diver definitely has “indie vibes” like 2D pixel art, and the development team at Mintrocket is a relatively small one, Mintrocket itself is a sub-brand of Nexon—a large South Korean game publisher.

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By asm3a