Dragon’s Dogma 2 Prey for the Pack: Where to find Rodge

If you’re looking for Rodge in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must be pursuing the Prey for the Pack quest. Upon first arriving in the Checkpoint Rest Town to the west of Vernworth, you were likely surprised to be confronted by an anxious apothecary whose grandson has been kidnapped by wolves, though I’m not quite sure how wolves kidnap someone, honestly.

This is also one of those rare time-sensitive quests, meaning if you don’t save Rodge quickly he’ll get eaten, which is sure to upset the apothecary. The only issue with finding Rodge fast is that the Prey for the Pack quest has no markers. Instead, you have to infer Rodge’s location based on information provided by the villagers. Either that or you can just read this guide to find out.

Where to find Rodge

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