Helldivers 2 CEO says they’ll ‘never’ turn off friendly fire: ‘We would have to turn off bullet damage against enemies as well’

Helldivers 2’s breakout success continues, with the game sitting pretty near the top of Steam’s top-selling and most-played games lists and boasting over 250,000 “very positive” reviews. Partly that’s because it’s a total blast, and the overarching galactic war is being played out beautifully, but not a little is down to the game’s willingness to stick to its guns when it comes to certain principles: for instance, friendly fire.

As any experienced Helldiver will know, the only thing more dangerous than bots and bugs is, err, other Helldivers. You crash down on these planets toting ludicrously powerful weapons, in addition to explosive stratagems that launch from orbit, and all of these things will disintegrate your fellow Helldivers when carelessly used. Thing is that the game’s so chaotic, and it can be so hard to track where your so-called buddies are, that friendly fire frequently has an impact.

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By asm3a