‘I’ll give you one week!’ FF14’s director Yoshi-P wanted to start Dawntrail’s early access period earlier, but then that pesky Elden Ring DLC announcement happened

Final Fantasy 14’s upcoming expansion, Dawntrail, has had its release date announced at PAX East. It’ll be arriving to tank login servers July 2, though there’ll be an early access period June 28 for players who pre-ordered the expansion beforehand.

Why late June? As spotted by GamesRadar, ask the game’s director Naoki Yoshida (also known as Yoshi-P), and he’ll tell you that the dev team over at Creative Business Unit 3 actually “wanted to start it a week earlier.” Addressing the crowd at PAX (and a captive stream audience) a slightly sheepish Yoshi-P broke into English for two words and an acronym: “Elden Ring DLC”, he admitted, stretching out the last syllable.

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By asm3a