Power-mad modder puts Sonic the Hedgehog at the heart of the most tedious game ever made, so you can speed boost to the end in 3 straight hours instead of 8

Some dreams cannot be denied, even though they absolutely should be. A modder named Weezley has taken the time and energy to recreate 1994’s Desert Bus—widely regarded as one of the worst and most tedious games ever made—entirely within the confines of Sonic Frontiers. Why? Great question, my friend, great question.

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If you’re not in the know, Desert Bus is one of six minigames off the ’94 Sega CD compilation Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors, a collection of deliberately terrible games intended for you to spring on unwitting friends. Although Smoke and Mirrors never actually released, unearthed review copies mean that the games have circulated anyway, with Desert Bus in particular—a game about an eight-hour drive between Tucson and Las Vegas—garnering notoriety both for how much it sucks and for the role it plays in the annual Desert Bus for Hope charity streaming marathon.

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By asm3a