‘The Automaton front needs reinforcements’: Helldivers 2 players are pleading for help for a bot-threatened planet, but no one’s stepping up

Things are looking desperate on the Western Front in Helldivers 2 as some players are trying to recruit soldiers to rush Mantes and stop the breakout in the Xzar sector, but their calls for aid aren’t being answered. 

Right now, the Major Orders in Helldivers 2 are directing soldiers toward Zagon Prime and Fori Prime to fight against the Terminid hordes. But as the fighting dies down on these planets, some are trying to turn attention towards Mantes, a planet in the Xzar sector that has seen constant threats from the Automaton forces—if it falls, then the rest of the sector will go with it. “The Automaton front needs reinforcements,” one recruitment poster reads. “Please redeploy to Mantes and save the Xzar sector.” 

helldivers 2

(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

A couple of players on Reddit have pointed out that there’s also a fairly good chance that Mantes will be involved in the next set of Major Orders, meaning tackling the problem now will make further fighting easier in the future. “Bots are done massing their forces,” Managed-Democracy says in the Reddit thread. “I expect a full-scale attack on multiple sectors to spread us thin. Then a spearhead on Cyberstan.” 

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