Cities: Skylines 2’s first DLC, Beach Properties, is out now and players aren’t happy: ‘This is a disgrace’

Cities: Skylines 2 didn’t have a great start last year. When it launched in October, the sequel to the best city builder around garnered a mountain of criticism thanks to its wonky simulation and significant performance issues. There were a plethora of great ideas buried inside it, but it definitely didn’t put its best foot forward. Improvements have been made since then, but this week’s launch of the first DLC, Beach Properties, has just riled players up again

Beach Properties is a weird DLC to lead with. It’s an asset pack, so it doesn’t introduce any new features, instead throwing a waterfront zone, a bunch of new growable buildings, six signature buildings and, erm, four trees into the mix. Despite the name, it doesn’t actually include beaches, and the assets have been criticised for mostly being a bunch of regular houses.

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By asm3a