Dragon’s Dogma 2 players have found a way to cooperatively print money with pawns—it’s just impossible to explain without making it sound like a pyramid scheme

The pawn system in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is neat—and pawn quests are neater still. In case you’re uninitiated, when you create your “main pawn” in the game, that pawn will be hired by other players running about in their own game worlds. In other words, you’re hiring other players’ main pawns, and you’re leasing yours out all the time.

Every time you wake up in an inn room, your main pawn will come back to you with their haul—usually an item or a gift. You can also set a ‘quest’, which allows you to offer a reward from your own inventory for any number of tasks, with some being as simple as, say, finding a cyclops. This is where the MLMM (mass lackey money-making) bit comes in. Hey where are you going? This isn’t a pyramid scheme, I swear!

PSA: Set your Pawn Quest reward to 10k Gold from r/DragonsDogma

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By asm3a