I’ve now played exactly one bullet hell FPS, and I’m ready for this to be the next big genre

Luna Abyss violates the #1 sacred tenet of PC FPS design the second it gives you a gun: it’s a first-person shooter, but it doesn’t care about aiming.

The left mouse button fires a beam of red energy out of your starter gun, but the right mouse button is far more powerful. It locks onto an enemy, guaranteeing perfect accuracy with every shot. It’s impossible to miss unless you dodge behind an obstacle while you circle-strafe around Luna Abyss’s tight combat arenas. It sounds like it would make the game trivially easy and instantly dull, but Luna Abyss hands you the power to land every shot so that you can instead focus on dodging the waves of deadly bullet orbs hurtling your way in classic, familiar patterns.

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By asm3a