Mass Effect 5 exec producer re-emphasises to fans that all the game’s senior leads are trilogy veterans, and here’s who they are

Believe it or not, it’s been almost four years since Bioware released the first teaser and various pieces of art for the next entry in the Mass Effect series. The game will be the fifth mainline entry and is yet to be named, though the mood music is unmistakeable: following on from the botched fresh start of Mass Effect: Andromeda, widely disliked by series fans (though I thought it was alright), this is going to give the people what they say they want. Returning characters? Check. N7 logo? Check.

But what about Bioware itself? That’s a little more difficult to put a pin in, because this is now a vastly different studio from the one that was riding high through the noughties, and it’s coming off the back of two high-profile misfires, Andromeda and Anthem. The teams and talent have changed enormously, with the most notable departure for Mass Effect fans probably being Casey Hudson in 2020, who directed the original trilogy and was involved in the early concepting of this new game.

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By asm3a