PS5 Getting Community Game Help Feature Later This Year

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Sony has announced an upcoming expansion to its existing Game Help experience for PlayStation 5. The feature, which allows developers to create hints for PS5 games that are accessible through the console’s control center, will be given an update in the form of Community Game Help. The new feature will be coming later this year and will be powered by user-generated content. Here’s exactly what Community Game Help will bring to the PS5 experience.

As laid out in the PlayStation Blog post announcing the feature, players will begin seeing hints labeled “Community Game Help” later this year. These will be hints generated from other players’ gameplay. For those who opt in to participating in Community Game Help, footage will be automatically captured when completing certain activities in a game. This footage will then be reviewed by a moderator and, if approved, will then be published as a hint for other players to watch and use as a guide. Other users will be able to rate the usefulness of community generated hints in order to curate the most helpful information to players.

Screenshot of Granblue Fantasy: Relink with a Community Game Help hint on PS5

Image: Sony

Those who wish to opt-in to Community Game Help can do so in the Captures & Broadcasts section of the settings menu: Navigating to Captures>Auto Captures>Community Game Help and selecting Participate will opt you in. This setting will appear sometime in the next few months (Sony has not provided an official release date). You can control the monthly capture limit Community Game Help is allowed to record from your system, as well. All footage will also be automatically removed from your local storage once uploaded, as to keep players from having to constantly manage their storage. Players will be able to remove any video of theirs used in Community Game Help at any time.

“We hope to see many players participate in Community Game Help and share their amazing gameplay feats!” the PlayStation Blog post ends.

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