RuneScape creators’ new MMO has an unorthodox solution for the inevitable waves of bots: Giving you a ‘legitimate way’ to bot the game yourself

23 years after creating RuneScape, Andrew and Paul Gower are back with a new MMO. Brighter Shores, which has been in development for 10 years at the Gowers’ studio Fen Research, looks like an attempt to reimagine RuneScape for the year of our Lord 2024, and in a way that avoids some of the flaws and pitfalls that have marked their original game over the decades. Such as bots, which have long been legion in RuneScape.

“Obviously, you’re never going to completely eliminate bots,” Andrew Gower told PCG in a recent interview, “so our approach has been more to make it so that they don’t negatively impact the game.” That means all sorts of things, of course: Gower says the studio has “designed the economy of the game so it’s not gonna be broken if lots of people bot,” and that “the whole way that instancing works [means] you’re not gonna be standing in a chunk and there’s tonnes and tonnes of bots all around you.” 

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By asm3a