17 years after Hellgate: London fizzled out, one of the original creators is bringing the series back for an all-new ‘triple-A’ game

Hellgate: London is the game that will not die. It first launched in 2007 as an action-RPG set in a demon-infested London, but developer Flagship Games went under in 2008 and the game was closed the following year. It re-emerged in 2011 as a free-to-play MMO in South Korea, then took a run at Steam Greenlight in 2014 (which I don’t think went anywhere), and then finally launched on Steam several years later, where it continues to get not much attention. And now, for some reason, it’s coming back again in Hellgate: Redemption.

Hellgate: Redemption (not the official title but a codename, at least for now) developer Lunacy Games is headed up by Bill Roper, an industry veteran who served as producer, writer, and director on Hellgate: London after a long career at Blizzard. “I’ve dreamed of returning to the franchise we created back in 2007 for many, many years,” Roper said. “I’ve always felt I had unfinished business with the Hellgate IP, which is why our codename for the project is Hellgate: Redemption.”

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By asm3a