As BioShock successor Judas preps for release, I finally understand what its ‘narrative Legos’ are

We’re 11 years out from the death of Irrational, and Ken Levine is once again gearing up to put out a new game. The pre-release marketing wheels have begun to spin on Judas, Levine’s totally-not-BioShock follow-up to his previous game: 2013’s BioShock Infinite, which means we’re finally getting to see what on Earth this game actually is. It looks, well, quite a bit like BioShock, at least at first glance.

But it also means we’re finally hearing more about what the heck “Narrative Legos” are, courtesy of IGN and Geoff Keighley. We’ve all been collectively baffled by these ever since Levine dropped the term in a GDC talk 10 years ago before disappearing into the game development aether. Turns out it’s a branching narrative, but with a lot of twigs.

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By asm3a