Larian Studios’ Swen Vincke does see potential uses for AI, but: ‘We’re hiring writers, not having ChatGPT write their dialogues’

AI’s been a fraught conversation in videogames. Heck, it’s even reared its head in Dungeons & Dragons, the ruleset Baldur’s Gate 3 was built on top of—especially after some recent comments by Hasbro’s CEO about “leveraging” all of its previous works. Swen Vincke, the founder and CEO of Larian Studios is a lot more level-headed about the tech’s use cases.

That’s as per a recent interview with IGN at GDC this year: “My stance on AI is really straightforward: It is a tool that we use to help us do things faster. We have so much work that we’re happy to take assistance from anything,” however, he adds: “I don’t think it’ll ever replace the creative side of things and I can put money where my mouth is.”

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By asm3a