Stardew Valley gets another new patch that fixes the ‘creepy face’ bear and makes new cabins paintable

Stardew Valley’s big 1.6 update went live last week, but work on the game hasn’t stopped, or even slowed down by the looks of it. Creator Eric Barone rolled out a new 1.6.3 patch for the PC version of the game today that makes a pretty hefty number of fixes to the game.

Despite a relatively smooth rollout, players have discovered a few issues with the update, some of which are fixed in this update: A bear in a maple syrup event, for instance, has a “creepy face bug” that this update will address.

(Image credit: Eric Barone (Twitter))

Barone said earlier this week that he won’t return to work on Haunted Chocolatier, his next game, until Stardew Valley 1.6 is “bug-free and out to all platforms.” It’s clear that he wasn’t looking for some time off, as he’s been actively seeking out and fixing problems with the update pretty much from the time it went live: This is the third patch to be released, and the biggest, since the 1.6 update went live.

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