The Taskmaster videogame has a creative mode so you can invent your own custom tasks and challenge your friends

With comedy game show Taskmaster about to begin its 17th series later this week, I shudder to imagine how many people have suggested ideas for tasks to Little Alex Horne over the years. The number must be in the thousands, and I’ll bet every Taskmaster fan has at least a few good ideas for tasks rolling around in their heads, even if they’re never tried to put them directly in Horne’s hands.

The good news is that if you’ve ever wanted to create a Taskmaster task and then harshly judge your family and friends on how poorly they completed it, you’ll get your chance someday soon. Taskmaster VR has announced a Creative Mode that’ll let you become the Taskmaster’s Assistant’s Assistant—so you won’t just complete tasks for Lord Greg Davies in Taskmaster VR, you’ll be able to invent your own.

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By asm3a