V Rising gets the crossover every self-respecting vampire wants: Castlevania’s Simon Belmont is coming to try and kill you

The vamp-em-up V Rising remains in early access, even though it’s already pretty good, and is scheduled for its full release later in the year. Before that, though, developer Stunlock Studios has announced the crossover any pasty-faced garlic hater wants to see: Legacy of Castlevania arrives May 8, and per the teaser will let players battle Simon Belmont.

To briefly set the scene, V Rising is a game where you not only play as a vampire, but build a magnificent gothic castle in which to lounge around drinking goblets of blood. Just the kind of thing the Belmonts don’t get on with, and when Simon turns up (complete with his imaginatively named weapon, Vampire Killer), “no night stalker will be safe from his righteous crusade through Vardoran.”

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By asm3a