Why Funcom didn’t give Dune: Awakening an ‘endowment slider’ like Conan Exiles

Back before survival MMO Dune: Awakening was a glint in Funcom’s eye, the Norwegian studio was working on another multiplayer open world survival game: Conan Exiles. The gritty survival sandbox had a lot going for it, like a base building system, bloody combat, and a punishing survival experience, but there was one feature in particular that caught everyone’s eye.

Conan Exiles had a… well, the game labels it “endowment” but we wound up informally calling it a “dong slider.” In character creation, you could change the size of your character’s penis (if they had one) from demi to venti, if you catch my drift, and all the sizes in between. What’s more, your character’s junk was fully physics enabled: when you jumped up and down while naked, your package would jiggle and shake and bounce around. It was quite the sight.

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By asm3a