Diablo 4’s 10K-word patch notes bless necromancers and curse barbarians for next week’s season 4 PTR

Diablo 4 is about to become a wildly different game. Starting in season 4 and onwards, every class, item, and progression system will work differently. Blizzard has released the over 10,000-word patch notes for all the changes you’ll be able to test out in next week’s season 4 playtest, or public test realm (PTR).

It’s hard to overstate how dramatic the item rework will be. The core of the game—of any action RPG, really—is the gear you equip and how it interacts with your class. Now that you can add stats onto Legendary items and significantly upgrade them through two new crafting systems, everything will feel different. Keep in mind that we won’t truly know the impact of the balance changes in the patch notes until the new context they live in becomes clear.

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By asm3a