Dune MMO Dev Explains Its Lack Of A Conan-Like Genital Slider

An image shows a giant worm from Dune leaping out of the sand.

Image: Funcom / Kotaku

The upcoming survival MMO Dune Awakening seems neat and all, but if you know the history of its developers, Funcom, you might be wondering: Hey, does this open-world online survival game with custom characters also include a penis-size slider? The answer is no, because apparently, Dune ain’t “sexy” and “savage.”

Let’s back up. Dune: Awakening is being developed by Funcom, the same folks behind the 2017 survival MMO Conan Exiles. That online game is still getting updates and new content in 2024, with over 8,000 active players according to a check of SteamDB. But back when it first launched, all anybody seemed to be talking about was how Conan Exiles let you choose the size of your genitals. (Well, unless you were on Xbox One…) While video games have been quick to show boobs and asses, digital penises have been a rarer sight. So a 2017 game that not only included dicks, but let you control the size of those dicks was notable. However, don’t expect that kind of genital customization in Funcom’s Dune MMO.


In an interview with PC Gamer from GDC 2024, Dune: Awakening’s executive producer Scott Junior confirmed the sci-fi MMO doesn’t include a genital slider. Junior and Funcom actually have an explanation for why they made this choice.

“So, Dune’s not as…sexy? As Conan Exiles. That’s not one of the main, I would say…pillars of the IP,” Junior told PC Gamer. “So we want to focus more on the Dune things than what we were doing in Conan Exiles.”

PC Gamer pushed a bit, and asked if Funcom had ever thought about including the famous slider in Dune: Awakening, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I do not believe so,” said Junior. “It was a pretty conscious decision at the start to focus more on Dune than the savage, sexy world of Conan.”

So there you go. No genital size option in Dune: Awakening. For that kind of thing you’ll need to play Conan Exiles or boot up one of 2023’s best games, Baldur’s Gate III. 


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