Economy class will be slightly less punishing if you fly on an aircraft with Panasonic’s Astrova in-flight entertainment system

Unless you’re an excited kid or 150cm tall, nobody really enjoys flying in cattle class, do they? You get to put up with longer queues, uncomfortable seats, average food (at best) and poor in-flight entertainment. The latter is certainly better in more modern airliners, but the screens usually leave a lot to be desired.

Thankfully, that’s slowly beginning to change. Display Daily (via Ars Technica) reports that Panasonic Avionics is set to begin the roll out of its Astrova in-flight entertainment system. That means no more woeful low resolution LCD screens with terrible contrast ratios, terrible color reproduction, and terrible viewing angles. Say hello to 4K OLED screens complete with HDR, multi-channel audio, 100W USB-C charging ports and integrated Bluetooth support.

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By asm3a