Skyrim mods fix its most glaring realism error: Your disturbingly immortal food

The problem with Skyrim is that it’s all too permanent. Your swords, your armour, your sweetrolls, they all just hang around forever until you drop them, sell them off, or eat them (not the swords and armour; don’t eat your swords and armour). It’s a plastic-fantastic world where nothing ever ends, and buddy, I’ve had just about enough of it.

Thank goodness, then, that an enterprising modder named RavenKZP has created the Simple Spoilage series of mods, which subject all the spoilable goods in your inventory to the horrible, horrible passage of time. The modder divides each spoilage system by item type, so you have Simple Food Spoilage System, Simple Ingredient Spoilage System, and Simple Carcass Spoilage System, which collectively work to ruin basically anything you can ingest (after a suitable period of time).

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By asm3a