The Best Video Game Weapons Of All Time

A collection of video game guns sitting on a shelf.

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In a video game, you’re only as good as your weapon. Try getting through Elden Ring’s hardest boss battle without a powerful sword, or a tough multiplayer match in Halo 3 without nabbing the Needler and unloading on an incoming Ghost. Even the most elite-level gamers among us owe some of their talent to the quality of the tool in their virtual hands—that’s why Call of Duty’s gun customization is such a hot-button topic.

Weapons can serve many functions (not just killing), and can come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes weapons are historically accurate, like the katana in Ghost of Tsushima or the guns in Red Dead Redemption. Sometimes, they lean into a game’s sci-fi or fantasy elements, like Dead Space’s Plasma Cutter or a magical sword in a FromSoftware game. Sometimes, they can be completely absurd, like the Dubstep Gun in Saints Row 4 or Bayonetta’s high-heeled pistols.

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But a favorite weapon is a very special thing, and your reason for loving it may be vastly different from the reasons why someone might love a different gun or sword or bow. Maybe your favorite weapon is one that requires some extra effort to attain, or maybe you love it because it’s tried-and-true, and you feel the most capable when wielding it. Maybe you love a weapon just because it looks cool, and you know what, that’s valid.

We asked Kotaku staff, fellow industry members, and the people of X (formerly Twitter) what their favorite video game weapons of all time are and why. Here are just some of the many answers we got.

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