A demo for Final Fantasy 16 is reportedly coming to PC soon, as producer Yoshi-P says work on the port is ‘going smoother than we thought it would’

Earlier this month, Final Fantasy 16‘s director Naoki Yoshida (also known as Yoshi-P” revealed that the PC port of the acclaimed fantasy sequel is in its “final stages” of optimisation. Now, it’s been reported that a demo of the RPG is coming to PC soon, with Yoshida stating progress on the port is “going smoother than we thought it would”.

Speaking to Destructoid, Yoshida explained that Square Enix’s current focus is figuring out what the minimum specs of Final Fantasy 16 will be on PC, to ensure the game is still able to deliver the “seamless” experience Square Enix intended for the sequel’s open world action. “We want to have no breaks in the game,” Yoshida said. “To replicate that on PC, you’re going to need a pretty high-spec PC. So right now, what we’re doing is we’re testing the game, and our current optimization, on a lot of different systems to see, again, what are going to be those minimum specs for playing the game in a way that is similar to the PS5 experience.”

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