As restructuring ends with the sale of Gearbox, Embracer’s CEO has a new plan: ‘simply making better products and games’

Good news, everyone! Embracer Group is bringing an end to its restructuring process. You know, the one that followed in the wake of its collapsed $2 billion deal, resulting in the closure of Volition and Free Radical, the layoff of over 1,300 developers, the cancellation of a new Deus Ex, and a fire-sale of studios that include Saber Interactive and, most recently, Borderlands developer Gearbox.

As reported by RPS, Gearbox’s sale represents the final aftershock of the city-flattening earthquake that was Embracer’s restructure, as explained by CEO Lars Wingefors in an investment call about the Gearbox divestment.

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By asm3a